When you press the accelerator in a modern vehicle, the device which controls the output is an ECU, as opposed to a throttle cable. This is because manufacturers now produce fewer engines and focus more on producing specialist code for the higher end models, which will enhance their performance. Furthermore, manufacturing companies will take economics and reliability into account when producing vehicles, making sure that all models work to a standardised level of performance among the hottest, coldest, driest and most humid climates all over the world. 

As a result, under the temperate climate of the UK, most modern vehicles have the potential for improved performance, which is where remapping comes into play. Essentially, remapping is where we modify your ECU to maximise the performance of your vehicle.


Improved Performance – A remap seeks to remove the flatspot and improve your vehicle’s acceleration, both improving your vehicle’s performance and resulting in a more enjoyable and efficient driving experience. With most Pendle Performance® remaps, there is the potential for improved fuel economy, but this is all down to how much you enjoy the improved performance.

Improvements for Heavy and Towing Vehicles – Those among the van and HGV community tend to benefit the most from remapping, as heavier vehicles often face more issues when accelerating and maintaining fuel efficiency. Improving the power in a heavy vehicle, or any vehicle which has towing capabilities, could assist in removing engine issues which occur when driving up hills or accelerating on a motorway.


Diagnostics – We use our MAHA® Rolling Road and Pendle Performance® diagnostics software to find out exactly where and how your engine can be improved. Through various tests, we compile data on every aspect of the vehicle which requires improvement.

Bespoke Remapping Plan – We use the results from the diagnostic tests and go through each improvable aspect, specific to your vehicle, actioning each and every one so that you’re left with an ECU unit which is tailored specifically to achieve the highest level of reliability and performance that your vehicle can achieve. The Pendle Performance tuning is bespoke and isn’t the ‘one remap fits all’ that can cause issues. Contact us for more information on how our bespoke remapping service works and how you could benefit.

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